The best moments centered around coffee are waiting for you.

How do we honor the legacy of Panamanian coffee?

Through our special activities.

At Finca Lérida, you can immerse yourself in a complete experience, with unique moments tailored just for you, taking into account everything we have to offer: from the forests that are our greatest allies due to our exclusive location, to the diverse wildlife that accompanies us day and night, and the specialty coffee that is part of our essence and makes everything even more exceptional.

Coffee Tour

Embark on a complete experience that begins in the fields of Boquete, where you will learn about the three factors that influence the quality of our coffee (soil, microclimate, and biodiversity), as well as its origin, history, and the secrets of its cultivation. You will gain insights into its production and processing, and conclude this magical journey at the tasting table, where you’ll savor unique cups of coffee and learn to distinguish between their different flavor profiles.

Coffee varieties we cultivate on our farm:

We primarily grow Geisha (the most exported variety), Pacamara, Catuaí, and Typica, among others. In the upper part of the farm, we are also planting and incorporating new coffee varieties.


We roast our coffee beans according to the specific variety. Our range includes medium, light, and very light roasts, with the latter catering to markets that have discerning tastes and seek to enjoy the full attributes of high-quality coffee.

Our processes:

Washed: The cherries are depulped, separating the pulp from the beans, followed by thorough washing and fermentation before drying.

Honey: The first skin is removed, and the remaining honey is utilized to impart these flavors during the drying process. This method enhances sweetness and honey-like qualities in the coffee.

Natural: Drying is done with the cherry’s entire skin intact to capture its fruity and sweet flavors. The resulting coffee beverage is notably distinct. This type of coffee has gained popularity in Asian markets, as it utilizes the flavor of the cherry skin in the cup.

Gastronomic Experience

Our menu is specially crafted by our chef, sous-chef, and culinary team. It features traditional dishes enriched with their own creations, focusing on healthy eating and unique flavors that incorporate local ingredients seamlessly.


The trails you’ll find here are ecological pathways that lead you through the coffee Farm and the tropical forest of Boquete. Located in the most accessible region of the Chiriquí highlands, it is the perfect place to observe the beautiful Quetzal bird, thanks to the conservation of the forest and the presence of the “Aguacatillo” tree, which bears its favorite fruit. Most of these trails extend into the La Amistad International Park, home to over 500 species of tropical American birds.

Stay amidst Coffee Culture

We offer a fulfilling stay amidst the essence of coffee, its aroma, flavors, and colors. Immerse yourself in a cozy environment with a unique view, perfect for relaxation and connecting with the nature you seek.

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